Paradigm Shift

A hyperconnected world where everything is connected

We have a
variety of security lifecycle

  • Study email security vulnerabilities
  • Research on mobile phishing prevention
  • IoT Security Analysis
  • A Study on Specialized Information Security Technology
  • Build a customized IT infrastructure
  • Long experience in security control consulting
  • Integrated Maintenance
  • Technical/operational support with solid technology

Paradigm Shift In Email Security Technology

Ideology, Vision

RealSecu was founded in Busan in 2004 with the start-up idea of "building cyber security" so that we can build and operate a safe information system for various customers in the Youngnam region.
The rapidly evolving IT technology offers a new world, a convenient environment, but behind it, many security threats through hacking technology have developed together.

RealSecu launched 'RealMail' to block spear phishing for the first time in Korea, It provides a safe email environment by blocking unknown sources such as impersonation mail and hacking mail.
And also RealSecu launched a new security solution that introduces the concept of zero trust, It can block phishing characters and voice phishing, which have become a social problem recently.

Thinking differently from others, it has established itself as a representative security company in Busan through constant research and self-development. RealSecu will try to grow into a leading security company in Korea without settling for the present.
Thank you.